Online Racebook Reviews

online racebook reviewsHorse betting has become one of the most popular events to bet on using online betting sites, and here we give you a look at our top recommended online racebooks. If you don't want to go to the track, you don't have to do so to place the bet. You can be anywhere in the country and place a bet on any horse race taking place that day. You have multiple racetracks and hundreds of events to choose from when betting online. Whether you like to bet across the board, in the money or on the nose; betting for horses online could never be easier.

Reviews of Horse Betting Sites

If you are new to online race betting, be sure to check out the table of the top racebooks below. It will help you understand what each racebook offers and how you can place bets on horses using these sites.

* REMINDER! - you must be of legal age in your state or province to legally wager on thoroughbred or harness horse racing. Please bet responsibly!

Why are online racebooks so popular? 

Online racebooks have become so popular because they allow bettors the chance to put money down on a horse without being in attendance for the race. You could live in Colorado, but place a bet for the Haskell Invitational in New Jersey each year. How convenient is this? You never have to leave the comfort of home to place your bets.

Another reason why online racebooks are so popular is that they offer all of the same bets, sometimes more, that are offered on location at racetracks across the country. Bettors will be able to bet on horses to win outright or to show. There are hundreds of options available. 

How do bonuses and rebates work?

Bonuses and rebates are offered quite often from online racebooks. Bonuses are very popular among bettors because it enables them to win more money than the actual bet pays out. For example, for simply joining a racebook, you might be gifted a $250 bonus to bet with on the site.

Online racebooks employ the use of rebates almost weekly. Some racebooks choose a specific day of the week to offer rebates to users. For example, each Tuesday you might be eligible to receive 5% back on a racebook bet or you could get 3% back on a straight bet.